Within McNary Estates, there are homeowners associations that provide additional services for specific areas.
Cambridge Greens HOA
P.O. Box 20026
Keizer, OR 97307-0026
President Bill Pruett  
Secretary Sherry Chandler  
Treasurer Tim Timmons  
Director Bob Pitzer  
Director Bev Woodry  
Castle Pines HOA
P.O. Box 20693
Keizer, OR 97307-0693
President Shelly Palmer  
Vice President    
Treasurer Brian Port  
Secretary Minaz Chauthani  
Member at Large                                                                                                    Tom Jewett
The Fountains at McNary HOA
P.O. Box 20596
Keizer, OR 97307-0596
President Jay Scruggs  
Secretary Linda Strunk  
Treasurer Barbara Tuck  
Director Frank Roe  
Director LaVonne Ciorba  
Lakeside HOA
P.O. Box 20933
Keizer, OR 97307-0933
President Jerry Eder  
Director Clifton Rose  
Director Kathy Martinez  
Director Charlotte Everts  
Director Ed Cravinho  
Trevino Court HOA
P.O. Box 20951
Keizer, OR 97307-0951
President/Treasurer John Hendricks  
Secretary Sherry Collins  
Director Bob Rose  
Director Bob Murrell  
To email any of the sub-associations, click on the Contact Us link and select General Manager in the "Send to" box. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate sub-association promptly.